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I was slightly more impressed when I ran this example. I fed it a random avi from my disk and it played to the end flawlessly. After showing each frame, cvWaitKey(33) causes the program to wait for a keypress for 33 ms. If the keypress is the ESC key, the program exits. In the real world, never use constant integers in your code like this or I will slap you.

from opencv.highgui import *
from opencv.cv import *

if __name__ == '__main__':

    cvNamedWindow("Example2", CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE)
    capture = cvCreateFileCapture(sys.argv[1])
    while True:
        frame = cvQueryFrame( capture )
        if frame == None:

        cvShowImage("Example2", frame)
        c = cvWaitKey(33)
        if c == chr(27):

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